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Transforming Human Resources with RPA

There is a genuine need to deploy digital solutions to enhance the way people approach tasks at hand. Whether your organization deals with manufacturing, logistics, construction, e-commerce or education, it’s time to think about your organization’s daily tasks differently. Automation is now becoming a vital ingredient to handle operations. With that in mind, RPA systems are the most sought after solution for both employees and customers.

Gartner predicts that there will be a 30% rise in using RPA for front-office functions by 2023. Isn’t that incredible? RPA considerably reduces the effort to complete repetitive time-consuming work in functions like HR and payroll. Whether it’s on boarding, handling employee data, logging into applications, moving files or auto-filling forms, RPA seamlessly handles such tasks.

To drive quality in work culture, organizations are using a combination of innovation and technology. It is crucial to put the needs of staff at the center of processes to reap a wealth of benefits. The focus is now shifting to improving efficiency, accuracy and enhancing the overall employee experience. This creates a win-win situation for both the employees and organization.

For example, payroll errors can be highly frustrating and can also lead to serious consequences. RPA can help avoid such stressful and disappointing scenarios by eliminating the risk of mistakes. This enables teams to achieve high levels of accuracy and productivity.

Using RPA appropriately in processes helps in freeing up HR time that can be re-invested in critical aspects such as supporting and helping staff by answering queries in a quick manner. Sometimes, automation can free up hundreds or even thousands of employee hours.

Some companies have witnessed a considerable reduction in the time spent on calls relating to payroll because of technological benefits arising out of RPA. They’re now able to prioritize time for activities that derive more long-term value for staff as well as the organization. Gaining a competitive edge in today’s world is directly linked with maintaining consistency and efficiency in processes.

Now more than ever, organizations are looking for ways to build and enhance employee as well as client relationships. The amount of time and effort saved by RPA to complete repetitive administrative tasks could be dedicated towards activities that require human intervention.

Bradsol helps you find the key to unlock the actual value by striking the right balance between RPA technology and human-led tasks. Are you ready to transform the HR function of your organization?

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