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Streamlining Common Area Maintenance: Automating Invoicing for Enhanced Efficiency

Legacy State

2 Minutes Per Unit (~15000 Units Per Quarter)

Automated State

~1 mins each record

Challenge:Our client’s CAM invoicing process required meticulous attention to detail, involving numerous manual calculations and repetitive tasks. The manual nature of the process often led to errors, delays, and decreased productivity. Additionally, the volume of units and the time-sensitive nature of quarterly invoicing posed significant challenges, hindering quick turnaround times and impeding customer satisfaction.

Solution: To address these challenges, we implemented Automation Anywhere 360 to automate our client’s CAM invoicing process. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bot was designed to perform the following steps:

  1. Farvision Portal Access: The bot seamlessly logged into the Farvision portal, which served as the platform for CAM invoicing, enabling efficient access to essential data and functionalities.
  2. Business Unit Selection: The bot extracted a list of business units (BUs) from a master configuration file for which CAM bills needed to be generated, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accuracy.
  3. Data Retrieval: The bot automatically downloaded relevant files, such as the booking register and invoice register, for the specified quarter and BU, eliminating the need for manual retrieval and reducing human errors.
  4. Excel Macro Utilization: Employing Excel macros, the bot generated a price list file that was uploaded into the Farvision system to create invoices in bulk. This automation eliminated manual calculations, ensuring accurate and efficient invoicing.
  5. Bulk Invoice Submission: To handle the significant volume of invoices, the bot divided the price list file into multiple chunks and uploaded them into the Farvision system. The bot then submitted all the invoices in a swift and automated manner, streamlining the overall process.
  6. Quality Control and Validation: The bot downloaded invoice PDFs for each unit and prepared a quality control (QC) file, containing detailed invoice information. The QC file was shared with a business user for validation, ensuring accuracy and adherence to business rules.
  7. Approval and Notification: Based on the validation status, the bot approved or rejected invoices, sending emails containing approved invoices to respective unit holders. This automated communication facilitated prompt delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  8. Automated Quarterly Execution: Our bot performed this automated task at the start of every quarter, ensuring consistent and timely CAM invoicing for the given period.

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