Here’s Why Every Brand Should Leverage Social Media for Marketing

Gone are those days when folks used to consider social media platforms merely a bridge connecting the near and dear ones with each other. Today, with a myriad of features and functionalities such as integrated instant messaging, communities in the form of pages and/or groups, insights into demographics, etc. social media platforms have become the preferred choice of a plethora of brands worldwide to market their offerings.

Social Media Marketing
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So, are you still scratching your head and can’t figure out whether or not take you introduce social media platforms in your marketing strategy?
Well, these top eight reasons will surely convince you to make social media platforms an integral part of your business boosting plan.

1. Precise Targeting

Precise Targeting - Social Media Marketing
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Ever felt that your marketing efforts are landing in vain even after a terrific strategy? Perhaps this is because of the wrong target market. Selling ice to an Eskimo doesn’t sound wise but warm clothes does.
The most amazing part of Social Media Marketing is precise and cent percent accurate targeting. Facebook advertising, for instance, bestows the marketer with amazing features that helps him in reaching potential customers in the blink of an eye. They just have to fill certain essentials such as age, gender, geographic, the target audience’s like, interest, occupation, etc. and the Facebook advertising does the rest.

2. Hub of Active Influencers

Perhaps you won’t purchase when a brand promotes its products or services but if you see your allies or relatives liking, sharing or commenting on that promotional message, you might sit straight and pay heed to it.

Influencers - Social Media Marketing

Image Source: is an archetype of influence social media marketing. Started recently, Twitter posts ads on the target market twitter handles. Those who are interested, either like them or retweet them. On both the actions, the ad further reaches to the twitter handles of all those who were following the first individual who interacted with the tweet. Hence, one single ad catches the eyeballs of many.

3. Escalated Closure Rate

Whether it is your Facebook business page, Twitter handle or Google+ group, you get a massive fan following provided you put efforts in acquiring followers. When a promotional message is executed over these channels, they lead to a whopping conversion rate.

Closure Rate - Social Media Marketing
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Thus, there are those brands which believe in gaining more of followers first rather than shooting an ad among the followers who are in limited quantity. ‘Making relationship before expecting any sales’ is the mantra to achieve the desired sales figure.

4. Hiring Paradise

There are those Human Resource managers who wait for new references from either the existing colleagues or head-hunters and there is this another cluster of HR managers who utilize social media to get their job done. So, where do you fall?

Hiring Process - Social Media Marketing

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There are people with different skill sets on the social media. Based on the requirement and job profile, the filtration and recruitment process becomes as smooth as silk. Hiring can be done via Facebook, Twitter, etc. but there is one Social Media platform that is dedicated to all the professionals out there.

LinkedIn hosts numerous professional profiles where the folks of the Corporate world talk about their skills, computer proficiency, awards, recognition, achievements, previous experience, current designation, etc. It is like a wide range of resumes available over the web for free. Truly, LinkedIn is no less than a treasure for an employer and significant part of social media.

5. Authentic Traffic Increase

Ever wondered about the ways to boost genuine traffic on your website or landing page? Social Media Marketing is the key to that. The brand advertisements that circulate on the feeds and timeline of the social media users have a text limit and thus, they cannot explain everything. However, they can be easily back-linked to your website or landing page giving you a boost in the traffic.

Traffic Increase - Social Media

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The text limit also amplifies the brand’s delivering of creative messages to a great extent, hence proving the fact that, “It is easier to write a book than give its title.” The creativity piques the curiosity of the users to find the detail of the products or services and this is what magnetize them to your page. Businesses, therefore, invest more on the creation of a terrific landing page or website that helps in delivering all the information in limited space.

6. Quick Turnaround

Quick Turn Around - Social Media Marketing
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Vanished is that era when a customer had a query in mind and he had to wait for days after dropping an email to get the answer. Be it Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, they all have either instant messaging or comments (or both) integrated into them. A brand and customer can easily interact with each other on a real-time basis, can explain and understand the query well and give and apply the solution without any hassle.

7. Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness - Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing is a symbol of brand awareness and visibility. There are lots of brands which do not opt for social media platforms for selling but brand making. They ensure that their brand name always stays on the top of the minds of the consumer.

8. Improved SEO

Improved SEO - Social Media Marketing
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Though there is no direct nexus between SEO and marketing on social media but it is found that brands which are active for many years on these platforms have witnessed elevation in their search engine rankings. Genuine content on social platforms make the brand credible and search engines recognize the same.

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Social Media Marketing: A Boon for the Brands

In today’s competitive world, it is necessary to stay abreast and follow the latest technology to be at par with the competition. Social Media platforms have changed the marketing landscape by offering brands all those features and functionalities that are indispensable for success.

However, if they can make a brand, they can break it too. Thus, if a business is not well versed with the technicalities, it should look up to an expert like which believes in offering premium quality social media marketing service necessary to manifold revenue and brand awareness.

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When the world appreciates you, you get on to Cloud 9.

Delegates from all over the world attended the INDIASOFT expo at Hyderabad where BRADSOL was also participating.

We introduced BRADSOL DG3, an ingenious package developed for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. The delegates were curious to know about the DG3 and what attracted them was the way we promoted the concept.

Not just international delegates, even majority of participating companies in INDIASOFT visited us to see the execution of the stall. We used a simple game of fishing to make people understand the concept of BRADSOL DG3 and VOILA, it worked.

It was a successful marketing effort and the results are pouring in now.

Think out of the box and it works.

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We feel that even Independence day should be equally celebrated like the other festivals. Here are a couple of pictures captured from our office today.

Happy Independence Day!

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Their website, which still looks refreshing & vibrant, and their billing software, which is the backbone of their operations, has been built by our #Bradsol Team.

If you plan to have a modern website for your business, you now know whom to reach out to.

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