5 Tools to Check Website Responsiveness

A developer invests a plenty of days or even months in coding, checking, optimizing and testing a website that is not only flawless but elegant too. Wrapped with mirth and merriment, he delivers the website to his client who because of time constraints checks it on his phone rather than on his computer system.

That’s precisely the moment when the developer holds his head with his hands and bite his lips in vexation. Because he didn’t check the responsiveness of the features and functionalities of the website on a mobile device, the client simply shrugs his shoulders and say a big no!

So, what to do now? Can you just discard your whole project and let your efforts land in soup?

Or as a business owner, will you do something on your own to check the responsiveness and report the same to the developer?

If you chose the latter option, then here are 5 free website responsiveness testing tools to your rescue but before that let’s quickly understand the concept of website responsiveness.

What is Website Responsiveness?

Responsive web design or website responsiveness is an approach to web development that aims at showcasing desktop web pages in response to the size of the device one is viewing them with. For instance, if an individual is currently accessing a website from desktop and afterward changes the device to iPad, Smartphone, SmartTv, etc. the architecture of the website does not get distorted, rather it adjusts according to the screen size.

To have more clarity, consider any liquid. When poured in a jug, it takes the shape of a jug and when poured into a glass, it changes the shape accordingly and likewise.

Mentioned below are 5 free website responsiveness testing tools that are sure to help you tweak the architecture of your website according to every screen size.

1. Responsivetest.net


Image Cropped from Responsivetest.net

Website designing is no child’s play and making it responsive add a new layer of difficulty to the entire process. Responsivetest.net fathoms the above-mentioned fact very well and thus, offers an interface that helps in checking the responsiveness of any website.

Along with offering rigorous testing, the website offers tools such as Amazon Kindle, Nexus, Apple iPad, etc. Stretching the screen feature to test a website is something that defines the uniqueness of the website.

2. Responsinator.com


Image Cropped from Responsinator.com

Have you ever made an out-of-the-box website but it faced rejection because it got scattered on the mobile phone screen? Well, this happened because you didn’t check its responsiveness over Responsinator.com. It is a preferred website responsive checker for a plenty of developers out there.

Apart from showing how your website designing looks like in Android and Apple devices, it shows how it looks in both portrait and as well as landscape mode. Above all, if you want to check a particular section of your website, you can do that by simply clicking on that link from the devices wireframe on Responsinator.com.

3. ami.responsivedesign.is


Image Source: ami.responsivedesign.is

Have you ever wished to take a screenshot of local development URLs in a mobile interface? If yes, then ami.responsivedesign.is is here to turn your wish true. Along with allowing you take a screenshot, it lets you rearrange and reorder the devices by clicking as well as dragging on the device.

Sometimes it so happens that you want to send a link to someone with your website already embedded in it. But without proper resource, the task becomes a snowball chance in a hot place. However, doing so with Responsive design is a no less than a walk in the park.

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4. Responsive Design Checker

Responsive Design CheckerImage cropped from Responsive Design Checker

The attractive design, neat and clean interface, easy to use and easy to understand are some of the factors that make Responsive Design Checker one of the best tools to check the responsiveness of your website design.

Got a fresh website from a developer? Then this tool is for you because it allows its user to check the responsiveness of a website with great detail. Along with offering various screen sizes, it allows you to check the responsiveness in both portrait and as well as landscape mode.

5. Studiopress.com


Image cropped from Studiopress.com

Studiopress.com is considered as one of the easiest website responsive checker over the internet. If one needs to check the responsiveness, all he needs to do is to go to this amazing tool and enter the URL of the website he needs to check the responsiveness for.

The tool offers four different device screens to check the responsiveness. Apart from them, it provides two amazing option – Width Only and Device Sizes – in order to check in detail for any bug, flaw or glitch on opening the website from a mobile device.

Did you know?

Mozilla Firefox offers a plethora of tools for developers. One among these tools is Responsive Design Mode. The tool makes it easy to see how your website or web app will look on different screen sizes.

The mode is also considered as very convenient for it can change the size of the content area very precisely and in an instant. Once the resizing is done, you can continue to browse in the resized area and thus, find out the scope for improvement.

Due to this amazing tool, Mozilla Firefox is used by a plenty of developers out there to build and check the responsiveness of a website.

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Website Responsive Checker: For Unanimous Website Experience on Every Device

In today’s world, if someone is browsing your offerings from a Smartphone, then, some is trying to pay you for your services from an iPad. The multi-screen era is on the rise and it is indispensable for every brand to be on par with it in order to beat the competition.

A brand sticking with his web presence to only one screen is residing in nothing but in a fool’s paradise. Thus, a constant endeavor should be made in order to keep all the functionalities as well as features of your website compatible with all screen sizes.

However, even after the above tools, if you are looking for professional help then, Bradsol.com is here at your service. Right from future proof website designing to development to its testing on various platforms, it delivers a robust online presence that attracts potential customers from various devices, mediums and browsers.

Bradsol is a renowned Digital Marketing Technology Agency. With our Innovative solutions, we have helped 100+ businesses grow beyond their boundaries. Click here if you want to know more about our service offerings.

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When the world appreciates you, you get on to Cloud 9.

Delegates from all over the world attended the INDIASOFT expo at Hyderabad where BRADSOL was also participating.

We introduced BRADSOL DG3, an ingenious package developed for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. The delegates were curious to know about the DG3 and what attracted them was the way we promoted the concept.

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It was a successful marketing effort and the results are pouring in now.

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Play2Grow.in turns 1 :) Play2Grow is a unique concept of Play Area in Hyderabad.

Their website, which still looks refreshing & vibrant, and their billing software, which is the backbone of their operations, has been built by our #Bradsol Team.

If you plan to have a modern website for your business, you now know whom to reach out to.

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