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Tackling Unstructured Data with Intelligent Document Processing

An extremely large amount of data that moves and floats around is in an unstructured format. There is no particular order or schema that can be mapped to the data in the document (fundamentally, what it means is that the data is not arranged in any pre-set format that can fit into a form and map to a relational database readily). An excellent example of this can be all the emails and the attachments that go within an email. Such data is difficult to handle by the traditional automation systems such as web applications.

RPA is an excellent tool to enable automation of legacy systems, especially those that contain unstructured information. One simple answer from a conventional thought process is to adopt an OCR process, however, the crucial roadblock with this approach is the lack of reliability (it is less than 60% in most cases.) The solution to this is Intelligent Document Processing.

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Intelligent Document Processing can immensely help organizations across several industries in managing their unstructured data and documents intelligently. Today, there is an extensive dependence on human resources to manually enter data into systems from unstructured documents. There is an abundant market that is ready to absorb the Intelligent Document Processing solutions that are becoming available today. Talk to Bradsol Automation by clicking here for more information about Intelligent Document Processing.

Invoices, insurance claims, customer KYC, employee onboarding, and several other areas can be benefitted by the application of Intelligent Document Processing solutions that are offered by Bradsol Automation in the United States. Having multiple vendors invariably means that there would be several templates of invoices flowing in consistently, which need to be processed almost immediately. This is where Intelligent Document Processing can be of great help by quickly “reading” from the documents, even though they do not adhere to a specific template. It is much easier said than done to manually revise template structures that meet the needs of all the vendors. Not to mention, the associated costs could be pretty steep too! This is where template-free automation can be of real help.

Intelligent Document Processing comprises more than just one technology. Technologies like RPA, APIs and others can significantly be stitched together to create the Intelligent Document Processing Solutions. It is an intricate combination of several technologies put together such as OCR, AI and ML to seamlessly work through the document. Start intelligently processing your documents with the best automation provider in the United States – Bradsol Automation.