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Streamlining Lease Renewals: Automating the Process for Enhanced Efficiency

Legacy State

5 mins each record (~10 Daily)

Automated State

~2 mins each record

Challenge: Our client regularly renewed leases for various properties, involving a substantial number of entries that needed validation and updates on their YARDI portal. The manual nature of the process, coupled with the high volume of renewals, led to time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Additionally, delays in updating the portal affected communication between lessors and lessees, impacting overall customer satisfaction.

Solution: To address these challenges, we implemented Automation Anywhere 360 to automate the lease renewal process. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bot was designed to perform the following steps:

  1. YARDI Portal Access: The bot seamlessly logged into the YARDI portal, the platform used for lease management, ensuring efficient access to the required data and functionalities.
  2. Lease ID Integration: The bot selected the appropriate submenu in the portal to provide the lease ID for renewal. This ensured accuracy and streamlined the process for each lease.
  3. API Integration and Workload Management: Using an API and a workload management tool, the bot integrated the lease ID from the portal into the Automation Anywhere 360 queues. This allowed for efficient workload distribution and management.
  4. Data Retrieval: The bot retrieved the tenant codes from the queues in Automation Anywhere 360, corresponding to each lease ID. It then navigated to a different page in the portal to update the relevant data for lease renewal.
  5. Portal Updates: Within the portal, the bot entered the necessary data, saved the information, and created a renewal schedule. This automation eliminated manual data entry and reduced errors.
  6. Service Portal Interaction: The bot accessed a service portal, filtering the tenant code to determine if the lease was renewed for that specific code. If renewed, the bot clicked “complete”; otherwise, it flagged an exception.
  7. Transaction Log and Notifications: The bot saved transaction logs and screenshots in a shared folder, ensuring traceability and accountability. It also sent notifications to the business users, providing them with lease renewal data and highlighting any business exceptions.
  8. Daily Automation: Our bot performed this automated task daily, ensuring timely and accurate lease renewals.

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