What is an SSL Certificate? Its Types and Benefits of using SSL in 2017

Before going into details about why your website need an SSL, Let us know what is an SSL certificate and what are the types available.

SSL stands for secure socket layer, which encrypts the data while transferring to and from the server.  Due to the vast increase in personal and sensitive data like credit card numbers,  usernames, passwords and social security numbers, a secure way of transfer is required. SSL certificate ensures the security for the transfer all the sensitive data.

Data transfer occurs in plain text from server to the browser and vice versa. SSL adds security by establishing an encrypted connection utilizing a public and a private key.

SSL Certificate

Types of SSL Certificates

I. Domain validated SSL Certificate

  1. It is a standard type of certificate
  2. Requires validation from webmasters via email or Configuring a DNS record
  3. Also known as low assurance certificate
  4. Processing time is very low (from minutes to hours)
  5. Only recommended for internal systems usage

II. Organization Validated certificate

  1. High assurance certificate
  2. Requires documentation to validate the domain ownership and full details of the organization.
  3. Processing time from hours to days
  4. Recommended for all businesses and companies

III. Extended validation certificate

  1. New type of certificate which has tough validation process
  2. Requires the business needs to be a legal entity
  3. Must provide the business information for the domain ownership
  4. A Green Padlock will be displayed in the address bar which assures the customer that the transaction is secure

Benefits that a WordPress website will have by using an SSL certificate

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