Website Strategy

Website Strategy is an important step in creating your website. It gives a direction to design your website to meet your goals.

This part is basically about understanding your business and coming up with a strategy - around which the website will be built or cab be improved. The whole purpose of a website strategy is to make your website align with your goals.

We spend more time communicating with you to get a insight of your work. We come up with a set of questions, which when answered by you will help us in narrowing down the requirements. The more time we spend with you, the more perfect the strategy would be.

Our Process

Understanding your Goals

To start with, you need to be clear about your goals of the Website. What are you trying to achieve with the project? What is your website’s main purpose?

Identifying your Target Audience

We need to identify the category of people who are going to be a major share of your website audience. The categories could be based on many differentiating factors - demographics, gender, age, etc.

Defining your Brand

Your website conveys a certain feel about your brand. Identifying the right color choices, layouts and elements for the website makes an impression on your visitors.

Designing Strategy

A strategy has to be derived based on the goals, target Audience and Brand. A successful strategy implementation will help you attain your goals.

Analyzing Results

Once your website is designed and deployed, you need to start measuring the results and see if your strategy is effective in fulfilling your goals

Enhancing Strategy

There is always a scope of improvement for a Strategy. This could be derived by analyzing the results. If you find a mistake, you could fix it right away. Based on the results, you could also introduce periodical improvement and updates to the website.


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