Staff Augmentation

It is the number of minds that make things work! Increase the overall efficiency of your team with Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation helps you enhance the skills and efficiency of your in-house core team by hiring the additional professional skill set in the form of expert IT professionals and industry specialists. Give your human resources an edge by adopting add-on professional team of experts based on the demands for your company requirements without going through the exhaustive screening and hiring procedures.

At Bradsol, we have an established coalition of specialized IT professionals who team up, based on your project requirements and can be on-boarded within no time to help you materialize your vision and deadlines. Get access to skilled and experienced IT professionals who can instantly adapt to your work format and work exclusively from within your premises or modes best suitable to you. You also enjoy the privilege to hire such experts or an entire team on the project basis or for a permanent set up. With Bradsol, staffing is no more our client's worry.

What makes us Unique?

Expert Resources

Our professionals have over 15 years of experience in their respective fields ensuring timely compliance and due diligence in performing under all kinds of business scenarios and circumstances.

Quick On-Boarding

With a talent reservoir based on intense screening, we onboard and ideal core team for you within no time. Our experts are readily available to work with you at your convenience, resulting in quick turnaround time.

Cost Effective

Achieve more by establishing a stronger workforce by opting for our staffing solutions that are well within your budgets while you save cost and maximize your profitability.

Staff Augmentation Services Benefits

Swift Workforce

No matter what the work volume, Bradsol is always ready to comply with your needs. Use only what you want and when you want it, pay as you use.

Cost Effective

Encash on your workforce and save on recruitment. We help you get the best quality of talent, right when it’s needed.

Vision Centered

Do not fret over unnecessary workforce management and hierarchy. Instead, brainstorm with the best in the industry to keep the vision going!

Satisfaction Assured

We ensure you that we deliver what we promise. In case you do not approve, we will redo until you do :)

Divided Risks

Yes, we believe we are a team the moment you believe in us. As your partner from the very first step, we are all about risk sharing.

Your Tools, Your way

We ensure that we use your delivery tools and deliver in correlation with your process line.

Increased Revenues

Enhanced performance and superior products will keep your customers returning and buying.

Experts Personified

With an experience age bar of over 27 years, our professionals have excelled in various fields be it communications, IT or Product solutions.

Dedicated Talent Pool

A dedicated talent pool who will respond to your every concern and go the extra mile to see that you fulfill your business objectives.

Our Expertise

Business Analysis

Web Design & Development

Mobile Design & Development

Catalogue Websites

Database Design & Administration

Software Engineering Services

Project Management & Support

Application Testing & Support

Global Clientele Support


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