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Achieve strategic objectives through efficient and centralized management of your project portfolios. Helping you tally efficient management with optimum results.

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Project Portfolio Management is a comprehensive management workflow that organizes the completion of your project from beginning to end. It takes into account the various and current work processes, systems, technologies, and strategies used by your project managers and actually improves on them to deliver optimum performance. It goes beyond simply being a project management tool and is actually a platform for overall business and corporate success. PPM compares your company’s past and present status, assesses key strengths and points for improvement, and creates a roadmap that will enable you to reach your targets while leaving your organizational structure and personnel stronger than before.

From implementing the right business strategy to helping opt for the right software solution, Bradsol offers a structured solution towards effectively managing your company’s project portfolios. At Bradsol, we help you optimize your project portfolio management by leveraging the same through various online solutions and tools that will help you augment and materialize your projects in line with the targets. In order to avoid unnecessary cost build-ups and bottlenecks, it is important to ensure that you handle the right projects with the right team and within the right time frame. Bradsol helps you prioritize your portfolio management in an effective manner such that you know what do to what, delegate work in a channelized manner and extract more by investing lesser efforts. Bradsol helps your business in the effective management of one or more projects within a portfolio or managing several portfolios in the right time frame to yield business growth and meet strategic objectives.

Our Services

Strategy Building

Build the roadmap to your success with the help of our PPM Experts as they help you discover, execute and implement the right business project strategy.


Our PPM Experts help you transform your on-premise project data to an online platform for better accessibility and enhanced digital efficiency.

Deployment & Upgradation

Give your PMO a technological upliftment with the help of our PPM experts who will design, upgrade and implement your outdated PPM Software

Customized Solutions

Our PPM Experts will work around your budgets and Goals, offering customizations on the PPM solutions.

Project Evaluation

When in need of expert help in understanding and disseminating the right from the wrong, our PPM experts will help you through a 10-day project evaluation program.

Customized Data Reporting and Dashboards

Gain insights into the data for better understanding & decision making through custom reporting modules created by our PPM experts.

Staff Augmentation

Enhance the productivity of your team by employing our efficient dedicated PPM project managers, technical experts, and consultants to help you run your tools & extend your PMO staff.

Education & Training

Give your staff the skills they need to use the PPM Software & extract the best in them with the help of our PPM Trainers


Our PPM experts help you replace outmoded brick-and-mortar methods with state-of-the-art automation that can assemble critical data continuously, monitor performances, and make recommendations.

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