Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Gone are the days when advertising flourished on Print and visual mediums of communication. This is the age of Internet and online advertising is the space where big players are looking to set their stands on. After the advent of advertising into the online realm, the ways and methods of reaching target audience has become structured, scalable and easy. Thanks to Google Pay Per Click campaign management

Bradsol has always been a trusted player in the field of digital advertising. Our in-house experienced team plays a major role in contributing to its success. Their experience and expertise in the fields of SEO and PPC has  enabled various clients of theirs to reach their targets and expand exponentially in short periods of time.

Bradsol offers an array of services in Digital Marketing

Google AdWords

Google Adwords has been the ocean that sailed the ships of all advertisers. This enables advertisers to show a small portion of their advertisements on websites and various tools like Pay per click, Pay per Mile, Cost per Impression and more. These tools helps advertisers use cookies and cache from Google’s web browser of a user. At Bradsol, we have the experience to play the cards right by targeting the right audience to generate speedy return of Investments for our clients.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on social networks like Facebook have shown that Advertisers can make use of demographics from users’ browsers and blend in a target oriented approach. We at Bradsol, focus on Social media Advertising and Social network advertising. This enables us to harness the benefits of both pools to increase the reach and mileage of our advertisements which in turn generates more return on Investment, faster growth and stronger presence in the virtual social realm. 


Bing Ads

Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads have been one of the prominent sources of advertising virtually. These wide expanses of virtual grounds have proven to make immense profits and scalable difference in terms of ouputs for our clients’ advertisements. Advertisements on Bing Ads has shown increase in reach, conversion rate and impressions for advertisements online.

By Teaming with us, you can reap the benefits of

  • Performance reports to compare results on a regular basis
  • Pay for what you want and what you get
  • Option to customize according to changing trends and methods
  • Assurance of using the state of the art tools with experienced staff to handhold your efforts to the right platforms

You can always contact us by walking into our Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad, India or contact us through our other virtual mediums of communication.


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