Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about creating a marketing strategy to increase your mileage online and reach all your targeted audience to increase your visibility, gain increased mileage in the social media which will all result in increased Return on Investment (RoI). Digital Marketing Services include Search Engine Optimization, Campaign Management,

Email Marketing, Targeted Online Advertising, Promotions and contests, Digital Analytics, Conversions operation services, Social media promotions, blogs, white papers, and Case studies.The sole purpose of these services is to channel more audience to your website and keep them there once they visit.

Digital Marketing: An Ocean of Possibilities

Digital marketing is an ocean of possibilities to reach the target audience with various methods, and each method delivers in a very different way. Finding the right combination after studying your customer base, researching market trends, SEO based Keyword analysis is the key that will do wonders to increase your presence and reach in the virtual world.Digital Marketing services can be torn down to four verticals. 

They are Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and Analytics. All of the pillars of Digital Marketing are interlinked and cross paths when necessary. Our Digital Marketing team consists of content writers, SEO experts, Data Scientists and Marketing champs, that makes us one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Services agency in Hyderabad, India.

There is no point in having a website when its not accessible to people through search engines. Reach a larger audience when people search for something related to your work on search engines.

Local SEO helps people nearby your business to search you easily. It helps you find new leads that convert into customers easily.

Create an awareness of your brand by using Social Media. With Social Media Optimization you can directly extend the reach of your Brand to your potential customers

When your brand is one of the many things that people keep viewing on their social media, conversions increase. Additionally, your Brand Image increases.

Gone are the days when advertising flourished on Print and visual mediums of communication. This is the age of Internet and online advertising

Inbound Marketing- Lure them in:

Trends in marketing methods have changed drastically, and in the virtual world, one has to play their cards right to get the targeted customers to visit their website. Making content strategies after analyzing the digital history of a targeted group of the audience helps us make you the Inbound Marketing strategy that will make your customers want to visit the website, For, it’s a win for them too.

Content Marketing: How does it work?

People appreciate being informed and educated rather than being pitched. This change in trend has directed a lot of change in the way content marketing functioned. Content marketing today has to be informative, attractive and intuitive. At Bradsol, we have the best content writers with years of experience who can write according to your requirement and make it as interesting as possible for the user to drive them to get the desired CTA.

Analytics and Marketing Automation- 2 Sides of a Coin

Analytics and Marketing Automation services of our Digital Marketing services work in sync when chalking out a marketing strategy or Analytics to make data driven the informed decision. This help us:

  • Custom build marketing to achieve desired results
  • Ensure more conversions of leads to sales
  • Cause analysis of failures

The Combination of these services in our Digital Marketing Wing is what makes Bradsol one of the most trusted Digital marketing services company in Hyderabad, India.