Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting reduces your costs, increases flexibility, elasticity and uses resources optimally. Switch your applications to a cloud server now!

We help you decide appropriate cloud hosting services based on your applications hosting and performance needs. It could be either public, private or hybrid.

We use world’s best cloud hosting services to make sure that your applications are running smooth all the time. We make sure that the architecture that we design suits your applications.

A few of our services include

Elastic Load Balancing

Cloud Storage

Application Deployment

Server Configuration

Automated Backups

Disaster Recovery 

Characteristics of Cloud Hosting

On-demand self-service. 

Automated provisioning or de-provisioning of computing resources as needed, without any human intervention

Ubiquitous network access.

Access the servers anywhere, anytime over the network

 Resource pooling

Resources can be pooled and dynamically allotted to meet the demand of the customers

 Rapid elasticity.

There are no boundaries attached. The resources can be dynamically allotted or released based on the demand

Measured service.

Pay as you use. You will be paying only for the resources that you use

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