Creating an effective and efficient business strategy that is backed by insightful planning and execution.

CA Project and Portfolio Management

Helping you create more, extract more and achieve more!

Insight based planning and execution of your project portfolio through an innovative and interactive platform, CA project Portfolio Management is your gateway to better planning and increased ROIs.

Concept to cash transformation of your business missions, CA PPM is a collaborative platform that helps you plan, schedule and initiate IT projects, enable product development and delegate tasks and review follow-ups, all at one go. Linkable to your exclusive business application, it helps you manage your resources, plan finances, delegate workflows and overall execute projects in a channelized manner resulting is deliverance ahead of schedule and within budget. It can be deployed on premises, can be partner hosted or adapted as a SaaS Program.

Doing away with hasty decision-making and impromptu cost additions due to misaligned resources. This forms a basically faulty project portfolio management failure. With businesses adopting the online platform of work structure, it is important to be up to date with the technological advancements and have a better control and organized workflow for deadlines to be met on time. In the modern business scenario, transparency and ease of access are in direct correlation to enhanced performance. The CA PPM Solution is powerful, easily configurable and simply social, providing an ease of access to all kinds of data, project management, task management, team utilization, budgeting parameters and simplified workflows.


Analytics & Automatic Notifications

Get access to streamlined analytics and timely notifications of workflow and upcoming deadlines across all projects and various portfolios.

Budget Tracking

Keep a watch on your spending and track your expenses ensuring effective budgeting and cost management.

Cloud & On-Premise Platform

CA PPM is accessible both in the cloud and on-premises helping you manage your work from anywhere.

Documentation Management & sharing

Share vital information and reports on the go, helping you and your team stay in the lead of your workflow.

Workflow Management

Channelize who does what through a streamlined and interactive dashboard that helps you manage your workflow efficiently.

Scheduling & Time Tracking

Schedule tasks and manage targets by simplified workflow management that includes scheduling and delegating time frames to individuals for specific and group tasks.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

Plan and forecast the resources needed for individual projects, prioritize based on the deadlines and ensure strategic planning and forecasting across all channels.

How we can HELP you

At Bradsol, we help you achieve your business goals through enhanced adoption of result-oriented solutions, assured and faster PPM maturity levels and better work control. Our PPM experts will help you gather details insights into exclusive research tools, solutions and offers that are custom to CA services, helping you achieve your business visions and transformation goals. Working with you as a team, we help secure project goals within the given time frame, helping you gather an understanding of which project is most suitable and when. Bifurcating the projects on the basis of priority, value, and returns, we chart out the most feasible and effective way of performing Project Portfolio Management solutions for your company.

How Bradsol Leverages CA PPM?

  • Customizes, deploys, and executes CA PPM according to the customer's specific project management requirements to create the most effective way to help it reach its business goals
  • Implements agility in the integration of CA PPM tools to make the client more organized, cutting-edge, and competitive
  • Trains company personnel in the use of the platform and coaches them into developing new capabilities and core competencies needed in a world of changing technology
  • Creates methods and structures that will bring in faster solution adaptation


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