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Robotic Process Automation

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA can be broadly defined as an application of technology to replace repetitive, tedious and menial business tasks with automation. RPA tools are used to configure bots that can process transactions, manipulate data, trigger responses and communicate with other digital systems, among other things. RPA can range from something as simple as generating an automatic email response, to complex tasks like deploying thousands of bots to programme automated jobs in Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

3 widely used bots in RPA

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Types of Automation

Automation 360 is the world’s only cloud-based platform for automation which
also features A.I. capabilities.

Attended Automation

Attended RPA bots are like virtual assistants, helping an individual employee with their tasks to boost productivity.

Unattended Automation

These bots work on a predefined framework with no human intervention necessary.

Types of Processes suitable for RPA

RPA works best when used as a substitute for processes with the following qualities:

Highly Manual
Data Entry
Structured Data(templates)
Stable & Mature Processes

Key Benefits

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Customized Industry-specific applications
  • Improved Productivity & Efficiency
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Redeployment of Resources
  • Highly Cost-saving

RPA Services By Bradsol

Bradsol offers a comprehensive overhaul of your business processes with RPA, tending to current and future automation needs of your process-chain. We help create a secure foundation to identify and execute process automation in your specific field.

RPA Strategy

Clear strategies of RPA deployment and utilisation for end-to-end automation is an essential step. Along with scalability, the RPA strategies we suggest also help to maintain, manage and control business process automation.

RPA Assessments

Optimize your R.O.I. with constant monitoring of your RPA. Our experts help you assess the existing or new RPA implementations based on your processes and give you a detailed report with suggested upgrades & financial savings you may expect. 

RPA Proof of concept

Our RPA PoC service estimates the efficacy of RPA solutions in your process chains and develops a real-time model for all processes under study. Use it to gauge the impact of automation on your processes & to ensure seamless implementation.

RPA Implementation

Bradsol implements RPA solutions in your organization with the best in class tools. Our experienced team of pioneers have successfully deployed the best RPA services for organizations in various industries across the world.

RPA CoE Setup

We help you set up an RPA Centre of Excellence within your company. It runs by itself to identify more processes that could be automated, ensuring quick redistribution of resources in case of any added processes in the future.

Automation Support

We monitor bots and make sure of efficient functioning around the clock. We also support our customers with further bot enhancements on their existing deployments. We offer customizable support packages according to your requirements.

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