Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation software that anyone can use for any business process

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation enables companies to automate routine, rule-based and repetitive tasks in a step by step manner with the help of bots. This digital workforce can automate and maintain your manual business processes. Employees can now focus on more critical business tasks. Besides this, there are numerous other benefits of implementing RPA alongside traditional systems.

Key Benefits of RPA

Improved accuracy

Quick turnaround time

Measurable cost-savings

Improved employee productivity and efficiency

Custom-made as per requirement

Significant process improvements

Redeployment of resources for better use

Types of PROCESSES suitable for RPA Bots

Repetitive process

Structured data like templates

Digital data inputs


Stable and mature processes


Human-Intensive or Highly manual

What Bradsol Offers?

RPA Strategy

Clear strategies of RPA deployment and utilisation for end-to-end automation is an essential step. Along with scalability, the RPA strategy also helps to maintain, manage and control business processes.

RPA Assessments

Our experts will help you assess the existing or new RPA implementations based on your processes and measure the return on investment.

RPA Proof of concept

Our RPA PoC service allows customers to understand the value of RPA solutions. PoCs are developed to showcase a real-time RPA working model in a particular process. It gives a glimpse of the full-fledged RPA implementation.

RPA Implementation

Our team of certified experts have extensive knowledge and experience to implement RPA solutions in your organization with the best in class tools. We have successfully deployed RPA in organizations across various industries.

RPA CoE setup

Establish a strong foundation essentially by embedding RPA deeply and effectively within the organisation. We help the client to set up a team that would run by itself and identify more processes that can be automated through RPA. This helps in easy and quick redistribution of future resources across the organization.

Automation support

Our team is available round the clock to monitor bots and make sure they run smoothly. We also support our customers with further bot enhancements on their existing deployments. We offer customizable support packages as per the requirements.

How do bots work?


  1. Employee prompts the bot initially to start working on tasks
  2. Specific instructions are constantly given by humans from time to time


  1. Work on predefined framework established by humans
  2. No human interaction is required during performance of tasks

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