Top 5 Reasons to Invest Generously in Search Engine Optimization

  • 27th October 2016
  • SEO

The digital landscape has faced a paradigm shift due to the foray of social media platforms, mobile applications, content marketing, and oodles of other tactics. However, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one such marketing strategy that is still robust, effective and the backbone of the brand visibility of many businesses out there.

Search Engine Optimization

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Not only SEO escalates your brand ranking over the search engines but it also aids to a great extent in making your business a reliable and credible one. Your web presence on the very first page of the search engines generates trust among the users. Apart from helping the giants of the industry, the SEO is helpful for those who have small businesses. The local SEO is the name of that blessing that helps local businesses rank higher on local searches.

So, do you have an SEO strategy in place? Are you leveraging this amazing technique to climb the stairs of search engines?

If yes, then continuing your efforts in the same will help you achieve a higher rank with time and if no, then here are strong statements why you should incorporate Search Engine Optimization into your strategy.

1. Round the Clock Marketing:

SEO - Round the Clock

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Don’t post on your social media daily and your page will be dead, don’t fix the bugs of your mobile app and the users will remove it, but a well optimized on-site and off-site SEO is there to remain for days to come.

Though the tweaking is, of course, required in the content as per the trending keywords but that is for the betterment for the overall SEO campaign.

2. Traffic that is Targeted:

Perhaps driving traffic to the website is easy but driving relevant traffic is a hard nut to crack. SEO uses business keywords to magnetize folks towards your web presence.

SEO - Targeted Traffic

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“But how does SEO know what my business is?” Is this the question that is racing in your mind right now? Here is an answer to that. There are lots of people searching for the product or service that the industry, you are a part of, has to offer. Based on the keywords, search phrases, search trends and search volume, the content is created and users have targeted accordingly. In short, SEO brings in traffic of potential buyers that mostly convert.

3. Worth Every Penny:

SEO - Worth for money

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Search Engine Marketing is considered by the marketers as one of the most cost-effective tools. It shoots up the brand awareness, brand visibility, increase sales, brings in traffic and keep the brand on the top of the mind of all customers.

A brand gets all this at a price that is affordable and pocket-friendly. Even the return on investment does not disappoint. With many benefits, SEO is worthy of getting a major chunk of the entire digital marketing budget.

4. Improved User Experience:

SEO - Improved UX

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For Search Engine Optimization to work at its full potential, it is essential to make certain tweaks to the architecture of the website. The same modification improves the usability of the website and makes it navigable for the visitors. The chaos on the website is reduced and the same leads to the improved user experience.

5. Beneficial for Both Local and Global: 

There are big brands that spend lavishly on their on-site and off-site SEO. With so much of resource, strategy, techniques and tactics, it is a challenging task for a small business to take their place on search engines.

That’s where Local SEO comes to the rescue. When undertaken, Local SEO shows results that are relevant to a searcher based on his current location.

Local and Global SEO

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A research reveals that in the year 2008, the local searches grew by 58% meaning that more and more people started looking for local information, businesses, entertainment places, etc. on search engines. Like SEO, Local SEO is highly targeted as well. It brings in lots of conversions and offers a great return on investment for the local as well as small businesses.

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Search Engine Optimization: Elevates Your Ranking. Escalates Your Revenue.

So, are you all set to make SEO a part of your digital marketing strategy? If not, then you might be losing a big market share which your competitors, who have SEO in place, will rejoice with fervor. If used properly, SEO is one such tool that can catapult your ranking and eventually your business. If used properly, SEO is one such thing that can catapult your ranking and eventually your business.

If you are prepared for the change but unsure of the technicalities, then Bradsol is here to optimize your website so that search engines start loving them and rank them higher. Its expertise lies in offering both Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO Services.

The premium quality services of Bradsol are sure to help you climb the difficult steps of SEO ladder.

Bradsol is a renowned Digital Marketing Technology Agency. With our Innovative solutions, we have helped 100+ businesses grow beyond their boundaries. Click here if you want to know more about our service offerings.

Are you interested to avail our services? Leave your details here. We will get back to you within the next 24 Hours.

Bradsol wishes you all a very Happy and Colorful HOLI

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2 weeks ago

Bradsol - Brad Contech Solutions Private Limited
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When the world appreciates you, you get on to Cloud 9.

Delegates from all over the world attended the INDIASOFT expo at Hyderabad where BRADSOL was also participating.

We introduced BRADSOL DG3, an ingenious package developed for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. The delegates were curious to know about the DG3 and what attracted them was the way we promoted the concept.

Not just international delegates, even majority of participating companies in INDIASOFT visited us to see the execution of the stall. We used a simple game of fishing to make people understand the concept of BRADSOL DG3 and VOILA, it worked.

It was a successful marketing effort and the results are pouring in now.

Think out of the box and it works.

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We feel that even Independence day should be equally celebrated like the other festivals. Here are a couple of pictures captured from our office today.

Happy Independence Day!

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View on Facebook turns 1 :) Play2Grow is a unique concept of Play Area in Hyderabad.

Their website, which still looks refreshing & vibrant, and their billing software, which is the backbone of their operations, has been built by our #Bradsol Team.

If you plan to have a modern website for your business, you now know whom to reach out to.

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