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RPA in Manufacturing

Companies involved in Manufacturing, whether transport or production can find potential for efficiency through Bradsol’s RPA solutions. We help you specialise in core expertise, reducing costs and increasing timelines, accuracy and adaptability.

Systems from ERP to manufacturing and warehouse management or workplace supervision feature challenging information flows. Bradsol’s smart automation solutions allow system handovers that boost speed and are error-free. This happens without system level integration as our RPA features a light structure which works without IT integration.

Vendor data collection and analysis can waste many man-hours. Luckily, Bradsol is capable of sourcing data to form a pre-assessment.

Bradsol Uses templates and extracting data from emails to generate supplier master data – with additional capabilities like flagging deviations from best practices. Selection criteria for suppliers are often validated and applied to make a recommended list of who to settle on and why, through our automated data analytics services. 

We often reduce vast amounts of man-hours spent handling invoices by improving accuracy and timeliness in purchasing processes.

Bradsol identifies areas to automate in invoice reconciliation & requisition, leading to fewer internal inquiries, reduction in human error and improved availability of material, 

Invoice reconciliation with exception handling is often automated. By applying AI procurement data a forecast is feasible to work out supplier performance and enhance operational risk mitigation.

With Bradsol’s IDP services, sales department staff and planning teams can utilise readily processed data from logistics service providers to look at tracking and determine more about component availability.

When an equivalent data is out there through the customer portal there’s more information about order status automatically shared to assist estimate delivery dates.

Customers’ warehouse management systems are often automatically updated from external transportation systems securely.

Bradsol suggests Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) and Intelligent Data Analytics (IDA) as a massive bonus to demand & supply analytics. Order books are usually combined with seasonal trends. Demand data combined with delivery dates & lead times can be used by sales teams. The development in delivery performance and customer service validates this investment in automation. Results also can be seen in decreased inventory.

Forecasting is often improved with the addition of knowledge on production waste, care and available resources. Knowledge generated by our RPA can be used to find latest suppliers through increased demand or automated updates in online delivery dates.

Production breaks can be planned using Bradsol’s intelligent automation to reduce down-time & maintenance costs.We use sensory data (e.g. vibration or other predictors) from production machines to avoid unplanned maintenance breaks. Predictive maintenance can avoid failures & plan machine down-times.

With the down-time incorporated into production plans, Bradsol helps plan your shop-floor resources and keep customers updated on potentially changing delivery schedules.
Bradsol is working to identify many other ways to profit from this transformation in scheduling from human resources to material requirements planning.

Bradsol’s automation solutions improve response times for complaints by auto-populating customer data and sales. 

When complaints are automatically classified and forwarded to the proper team without errors, complaint resolution times also are reduced.

Nominal issues are often automated and cross-checked by date or batch in order to analyse root causes quickly with immediately available data. RPA benefits staff who can specialise in more pressing issues while improving the customer experience with timely resolution of complaints.

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