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RPA in Life Sciences

Bradsol’s RPA and A.I. enabled rapid automation supports everything from increasing consumer expectations and managing regulatory changes, to precision medicine and creating more agile and resilient organizations for better global health.

We integrate systems from operations to drug discovery for flexible capacity on-demand, to scale your capabilities. Expect to improve on quality and efficiency, significantly lowering costs & boosting ROIs. Our error-free RPA creates supply chains with buffered volume surges to ensure supply of key drugs and other medical supplies.

Bradsol’s RPA can handle data entry, track safety issues, optimize customer support, manage communications, and create comprehensive reports.

Automation in clinical trials can be powered by Bradsol’s A.I., accelerating participant recruitment and patient monitoring by automating manual processes, analysing the data and extracting information with Intelligent Document Processing & Analysis (IDP & IDA)

Bradsol offers solutions to automate vendor management and product tracking and discover real-time inventory management, service configuration, unit tracking, ERP inventory receipts, customer returns, and credits.

Deploy our RPA for higher productivity across back-office functions and processes, including: audit trails, GxP, global update lifecycles, recruiting, tracking employee training and certifications.

Bradsol intuitively automates market updates, product communications, field information, and data in salesforce. Aggregate data monitoring, analysis, and reporting across multiple systems with 100% accuracy is key to stronger patient engagement

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