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RPA in Insurance

Bradsol’s unique process automation solutions in insurance industries proves itself in enhancing customer experience, enabling shorter output times, significant savings, and increased competitive advantage.

We enable Insurance companies to cater to dynamic demands from their customers, with the vast amount of rigid legacy enterprise applications migrated to automation, becoming key business processes.

RPA, when used in Risk and Compliance fields of Insurance leads to companies being proactive instead of reactive. As compliance is an ongoing process, testing, implementation and monitoring are critica. Using Automation to do these tasks saves time and generates highly accurate data which unlocks more insights. By leveraging AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), we can reduce time spent keeping up with changing regulations by monitoring communications from authorities for related content and automatically updating a repository for current regulations.

Tasks performed by our bots are often monitored and recorded at every step, which provides an audit trail, for complete accuracy with regard to compliance guidelines.

The process of underwriting involves the compilation of unstructured data from various resources, and analyzing the risks involved in specific policies. The process is tedious and involves high risks of human errors, delays in processing, lack of communication within various divisions and overuse of human workforces. Automation of these processes can eliminate these problems.

Creation of sales scorecards and credit checks can be achieved by RPA, with effectively zero errors, freeing up employees for innovative tasks. Bradsol also helps enterprises to chalk out a high-efficiency workflow to ensure customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.

Bradsol adapts to large quantities of incoming emails and customer messages by incorporating Machine learning and Language processing together with RPA.

In effect, we speed up prioritisation of important and urgent inquiries for the team. We enhance customer experience, and strengthen customer relations.

Bradsol’s efficient automation solutions enable faster and simpler processes in financial administration.

We can automate validation of master data, preparation and posting of recurring journal entries,
ensure completeness and accuracy in interface transfers between subledgers and therefore the GL, preparation of supporting documentation for month-end journal entries.

Transferring web claims applications to legacy systems is a prime target for Bradsol’s automation solutions.

Automating the claims assessment process or related payments from healthcare and rehabilitation companies is easily achievable. AI technologies like Image Recognition can have a big impact on claims assessment and significantly increase speed and accuracy.
Bradsol targets claims handling as a core process in building a stronger and more efficient operation through RPA.

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