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RPA in Healthcare

Healthcare providers face tough challenges with administration, removing their focus from their primary task which is patient care. Tasks like Digitization of patient records, data analysis, resource monitoring & other administration, are where they face burden, which could also cause mistakes. Bradsol identifies solutions for these areas, freeing professionals to take up the judgement-based tasks they thrive at.

WorkflowTime saved
Clinical intake416 hours/year
Documentation343 hours/year
Medical biling150 hours/year
Patient registration83 hours/year
Co-pay collection41 hours/year
Appointment reminders25 hours/year

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Bradsol’s bot can easily classify test results, and if they’re normal, make an EHR note and send patients an SMS text or e-mail.

For instance, Bradsol can successfully automate the lab results process of sexually transmitted disease tests. The bots would deal with the diagnoses of over 90% of cases, allowing the doctor to handle the anomalies.

Various automations can be used to handle laboratory, pathology & radiology results. Automation of patient follow-up is another addition. An individual with a chronic disease like MS, can receive normal lab results from regular tests through automation and RPA can assist with patient reminders and make control booking appointments with the healthcare team.

A comprehensive automation of the health care plan begins with an individual completing their digital symptom questionnaire.
Our bots transfer the info to the EHR- system, classify it, create a personalised lab request form and inform the patient.
Classification of results and subsequent EHR notes can be done by bots. In case of anormal reports, the robot will book a time for the doctor and pre-write a uniform prescription for the patient.

Bradsol’s bots can automatically count what percentage additional staff are needed and request them for remote deployment.
Deployment of at-home care can be done by bots. This automation helps the nurses in home care, quickly ramping up to more service areas saving several man-hours & increasing fulfilling patient-care time

Our robots are often utilised to direct referrals to the proper clinic and clinician in large healthcare units.
We employ Machine learning to enhance classification over time. Furthermore, when a structured referral is employed, e.g. for cataract surgery, the doctor’s referral decision, admission for care and urgency can all be automated supported by rules developed by clinicians.

Serious patient safety incidents result from EHR systems that don’t redirect radiology reports to the doctor on shift and track the handling of reports.
Bradsol automates radiology reports to notify doctors on shift and can be configured to follow up, successfully eradicating risks of EHR systems failures.

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