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E-commerce Applications of RPA

Having worked with some of the largest B2B, retail & e-commerce businesses in the world, Bradsol is well-equipped and experienced to always deliver results. Your goal to reduce costs, increase accuracy and speed up your workflow is met through intelligent automation and RPA services.
RPA as a service allows e-commerce companies to hire bots by the hour, even for timeframes
as little as 2 hours per week. SMEs as well as large businesses leverage this use case frequently. Bradsol offers packaged RPA solutions for E-commerce. Find out by talking to an expert.

Bradsol helps in optimizing functioning of large e-commerce operations by effectively validating and routing inbound information in documents.

Our robots automatically carry out tasks, based on well-defined rules by us. Information is forwarded to relevant personnel & respective departments, with subsequent actions detailed. For example, bots detect client numbers and match incoming documents with the corresponding internal database file of your client.

This eases processing & speeds up your workflow considerably. Customer service also benefits by this & there is virtually no risk of backlogs or of documents going missing.

RPA is the perfect way to create an interface between various systems. Legacy and cloud-based solutions which don’t talk to each other, can be a challenge to integrate. RPA introduces novel solutions for this issue, which can be implemented for spectacular results. Stock, ERP & PO platforms when equipped with RPA can seamlessly integrate into an automated ecosystem without IT development or programming.

Regardless of scale, the maintenance of price catalogues across suppliers & customer relationship interfaces can be automated with RPA. This reduces the need for manual processing by humans & also increases the speed of cataloguing.

Your employees will be freed up to perform other tasks that add true innovative value to your business. With invoices being more accurate and price adjustments always accounted for, you will never undercharge your customers.

You can accurately monitor & replenish stock on the basis of forecasts, using analysis of datastored digitally. RPA enables you to maintain the exact amount of stock that maximizes the efficiency of your business.

Bradsol can equip your stock management system to run like clockwork!

Get Profitable Solutions that let you scale higher, faster.

Consult Bradsol to get the best RPA solutions catered specifically to the E-commerce Industry

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