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RPA in Banks

Banks are the earliest adopters of automation software and are currently institutionalizing robotics & Digital Workforces. Bradsol deploys an assortment of cloud-based RPA and implements advanced maintenance models to enable value generation on an Industrial scale. We have learned much from the symbiosis of the automation and banking sector, which helps increase the scope of automation in other Industries too.

Bradsol automation solutions can be utilized to improve accuracy, increase sample frequency, allowing employees to focus on non-routine tasks such as the analysis of exceptional cases.

Our automations make great strides in efficiency and scale of the following processes: Know your Customer (KYC); Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening; authorities’ inquiries; monitoring of payment transactions; the audit trail; and compliance.

Through the years, innovations in mobile devices have made them a prime target for applying our automation solutions.

Bradsol’s pioneers automation to quickly respond to multiple customer requests; process online loan applications, or complete pre-handling of mortgage applications; and deliver fast credit applications to a large-scale customer base.

The application of RPA often starts with operations and leads to a stronger and more efficient back-end.

By prioritising successful handling of customer transfers between branches; updating addresses; closing accounts; sending notifications to safety deposit box owners, blocking accounts; delivering passwords and security codes, Bradsol’s equips your organization with new-found powers. Processing relevant customer feedback and satisfaction data is made way easier with Bradsol’s Intelligent Document Analysis and Processing.

Bradsol’s A.I. driven workforces often usher in breakthroughs in how various businesses handle customer requests.

In a situation where the quantity of emails or other written contacts is large, you’ll secure a faster response to a customer by classifying incoming customer messages utilising Bradsol’s AI tools and automating the most common tasks. This method speeds up prioritisation of the important and urgent inquiries to improve customer satisfaction.

Our RPA enables faster and simpler task management within the bank’s financial administration.

This includes validation of master data accounts; ensuring the completeness and accuracy of interface transfers between subledger and GL; preparation, approval, and posting of recurring journal entries; preparation of month end journals, debts supported group accounting policies, account reconciliation, balancing of accounts with predefined criteria, preparation of monthly management reports, Real Time Analytics; automated accounting document archiving; and indirect or tax automation processes are all processes managed by RPA’s IDA and IDP capabilities.

Bradsol comprehensively reinforces fund transactions from the online to the backend system.

This includes registration and revaluation of fund accounting, also as generating annual customer reports, with hidden insights unlocked Intelligent Data Processing & Analytics.
In life assurance robotic automation is employed to line up a bank account from the web interface to the rear end, handle early withdrawals or closure of a pension plan, apart from managing savings plans for pensioners and recurring accruals.

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