The Digital Workforces

The Digital Workforce—and Digital Workers—combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Robotic Process Automation

What Is A Digital Worker?

It is a combination of Intelligent Automation (IA) building blocks, such as conversational intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), that work alongside employees. They understand human intent, respond to questions, and take action on the human’s behalf, leaving humans with control, authority, and an enhanced experience.

What Does A Digital Worker Do?

Digital Workers are virtual employees that enhance and augment human work by combining AI, machine learning, RPA, and analytics to automate business functions from end to end.

Digital Worker Benefits

Improved employee productivity and efficiency by inducting a digital colleague

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction with the help of Chatbots and Omnichannel support

 Increase your top lines by using data analytics for better customer insights.

Better your Bottom lines by automating redundant and repetitive tasks which improves overall efficiency and lesser manual errors resulting in lesser spend.

Digital Workers Types

Robotic Process Automation + AI

Business Process Automation

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Data Analytics

 Conversational AI or Chat Bots

What Is The Difference Between A Bot And A Digital Worker?

Bots—software robots—are task-centric; Digital Workers are built to augment human workers by performing complete business functions from start to finish. For example, a Digital Worker can take on the work of regularly submitting invoices through the system from beginning to end. Rely on a bot to automate a task. Rely on a Digital Worker to enhance any job role.

How does one induct Digital Workers into the Workforce?

The starting point is to articulate the organization’s Business Goals and identify key processes that can be optimized. Many of us began our RPA journey by automating a specific task, like managing tickets to drive straight through processing. Digital Workers can take our journey to the next level by integrating functional and process silos to deliver superior business value. Whilst we may begin by looking at narrow tasks within a silo, but the full value will be discovered only through the cross functional integration process.

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