Did you know these 5 amazing benefits of Pay Per Click Campaigns

Scenario 1
*Advertisement time on television or radio*
*Channel changed*

Scenario 2
* Boring advertisement on television or radio*
*Channel changed*

Be it television, radio or print media, a marketer invest millions on the creation and distribution of an advertisement through these mediums. However, when any of the above scenarios arise, the amount invested on the ads is at a very high risk.

If the message leads to closure, then the whole strategy is branded as successful and both the customer and the brand are at a win-win spot. But if channels are changed or the message doesn’t pique the curiosity, then it is the brand which is at a great loss. Irrespective of closure, the marketer has to pay the fixed amount of money to the creative agency, distributors, etc.

Perhaps due to a throng of hurdles in the traditional advertising, Pay Per Click advertisement strategy or PPC came into existence as a new channel that was no less than a benediction for the brands. Let’s understand and try to fathom what exactly PPC is?

Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services

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Pay Per Click Advertisement Strategy

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the forms of digital marketing wherein an advertiser needs to pay a fee each time his ads are clicked by the online users. In this way, the advertiser is buying visits on his website rather than earning them in an organic fashion.

PPC AKA Search Engine advertising allows marketers to bid for a placement of their ads in a search engine’s sponsored links. Now, whenever someone searches on a keyword that is relevant to their business products or services, the ads which were bought and placed pop-up in front of the user, thus, leading him to the websites of the marketers and ultimately to closure.

Did it make it simple? If not, then these benefits of preparing Pay Per Click campaigns will definitely clear the entire picture for you.

1. Pay As They Click:

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

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On other mediums, whether the audience watches the ad or not, you have to pay the amount. However, the equation with PPC is totally different. Here you know where exactly your money is going and you pay only when an interested user clicks on the ad.

2. Rapid and Measurable Results:

Pay Per Click Campaigns Measurable

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Pay Per Click campaigns can be made quickly. Also, the setup of analytics does not consume much of the marketer’s time. Today, businesses need results very fast and perhaps PPC is the fastest method to run an ad campaign and get instant results.

From cost, profit, views to clicks, everything related to pay per click ads can be measured in a blink of an eye. Thus, saying PPC marketing is one of the easiest forms of marketing won’t be untrue.

3. Reaching Right Audience at Right Time

 Pay Per Click Campaigns - Reach right audience

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While running pay per click campaigns, you can very well choose where and when exactly your ads will appear. It is based on several factors, for instance, keywords, location, device, browser, time, date, etc. The versatility that you get with these ads allows you to segment your market and bring your offerings in front of the potential audience.

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4. Destination is in Your Hands

Pay Per Click Campaigns - Destination

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When it comes to Pay Per Click ads, the geographical based targeting is completely in your hands. If you believe your target audience is in a different country, target them in that country. Or if you think, your customers reside within a set distance from your business, then narrow your target area before hitting the Enter key.

5. Pocket-Friendly:

Pay Per Click Campaigns - Pocket Friendly

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When it comes to Pay Per Click ads, there is no budget restriction or a set standard of budget. Under this form of internet marketing, you get to choose how much to pay for a click or how much to spend on an ad. Also, this can be decided logically based on the analytics and results.

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Amazing Tracking, Reporting and Analysis of PPC Ads

Pay Per Click campaigns are mostly in the form of Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Both these platforms bestow the marketer with rich functionality and reporting features. They provide excellent tools that help you fathom the status of your campaign correctly, analyze your data and provide result.

 Pay Per Click Campaigns - Google Analyics

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Google Analytics, for instance, is one such tool that offers aid to a great extent in understanding whether or not the PPC ad campaign in on the right track. Its set up is easy and so is the understanding of its features.

It generates a detailed report which further helps in optimizing the campaign and eventually the results. With the report so generated, forecasting can be done and budget allotment for the campaign can also be undertaken easily.

Pay Per Click Campaigns: Completing Every Digital Marketing Strategy

Pay Per Click Campaigns - Strategy

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Today, PPC form of advertising is the most powerful and targeted medium of advertising. In a hyper-competitive business era, where only smart marketers find success, Pay Per Click advertising is one tool that helps the brand achieve what it desires.

Be it brand recognition, increased sales or escalated traffic on the website, PPC ads take marketing campaigns of the businesses to a new height. It a rationale promotion method consisting of research, strategy, testing and optimization to reach the desired outcome at a minimum cost.

Lastly, if you’re sceptical about setting up your PPC campaign, then experts like Bradsol.com are always there to your rescue. Their expertise and know-how of PPC are sure to elevate your business and revenue to altogether a new level.

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When the world appreciates you, you get on to Cloud 9.

Delegates from all over the world attended the INDIASOFT expo at Hyderabad where BRADSOL was also participating.

We introduced BRADSOL DG3, an ingenious package developed for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. The delegates were curious to know about the DG3 and what attracted them was the way we promoted the concept.

Not just international delegates, even majority of participating companies in INDIASOFT visited us to see the execution of the stall. We used a simple game of fishing to make people understand the concept of BRADSOL DG3 and VOILA, it worked.

It was a successful marketing effort and the results are pouring in now.

Think out of the box and it works.

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We feel that even Independence day should be equally celebrated like the other festivals. Here are a couple of pictures captured from our office today.

Happy Independence Day!

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Play2Grow.in turns 1 :) Play2Grow is a unique concept of Play Area in Hyderabad.

Their website, which still looks refreshing & vibrant, and their billing software, which is the backbone of their operations, has been built by our #Bradsol Team.

If you plan to have a modern website for your business, you now know whom to reach out to.

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